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Garage Door Springs Repair

Whether you need extension springs replacement or torsion spring adjustment, call us. As residential spring experts, we provide services to your full satisfaction. Get in touch with our New Westminster Garage Door Repair business if you want to confirm that you have the right spring system at home. Rely on our evaluations and honest opinion. We can install a second torsion spring should the door is too heavy and also safety cables to make sure your extension springs won’t hurt you should they break. There is nothing pleasant with broken springs. The door doesn’t open and it collapses if it’s open when the spring snaps. That’s why you should often trust our garage door springs repair New Westminster services to enjoy peace of mind.Garage Door Springs Repair New Westminster

Problems with your extension springs? Need torsion spring repair? Call now

We can do anything for your springs. Our company offers same day garage door springs repair in New Westminster and our services might include anything from adjustments to replacements. Call us for:

  • Extension or torsion garage door spring replacement
  • Spring adjustment
  • Broken spring repair
  • Spring evaluation and inspection
  • Spring lubrication

Our experts can also replace the supportive parts of your springs. If the shaft of the torsion spring or the pulleys of the extension springs need replacement, contact us. We also replace cones and bearings and provide emergency broken pulley replacement. Let us take care of all your torsion spring repair needs. When springs are not adjusted and replaced right, they won’t balance the door. In this case, the door won’t open evenly and will create several problems.

We come for garage door spring repair services as fast as possible and fully equipped. All experts on our team in New Westminster, British Columbia, are qualified, trained, and insured. Count on our experience to replace your broken spring. Call us if you want to replace the spring before it snaps or convert the spring system. Whatever your spring needs are, rely on our services. We respond quickly, cover all residential requests, and can service well all springs. Contact us.

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